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  • Ford and Honda 5W-20 Issue
    Ford and Honda specify 5W-20 motor oil for most all cars and light trucks
  • Amsoil Versus Mobil 1
    AMSOIL INC. set out to examine the specifics of the overly broad “Nothing Outperforms...” Mobil claim. AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (ASL) and Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30 Motor Oil were analyzed in five key bench tests measuring motor oil performance: NOACK volatility, flash/fire point, pour point, four ball wear and total base number (TBN). As shown in the charts below, AMSOIL outperformed Mobil 1 in all five areas.
  • Auto Industry Secrets
  • Converting to AMSOIL and Breaking in a New Engine
    Some of the most frequent questions people ask us about AMSOIL are, what is required in order to convert to AMSOIL, how long do I have to wait before installing AMSOIL in a new engine, and what can I expect to notice once converted to AMSOIL?
  • Expert Advice
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  • The Importance of Engine Filtration
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  • North American Motor Oils may be Harmful to European Engines
    European automobile manufacturers design vehicles to use specific high quality lubricants with specific properties and additives. Most motor oils offered in America do not meet the demanding specifications, and the European lubricants are not readily available. As a result, problems such as premature wear and engine sludge develop.
  • Amsoil Product, Preferred Customer, Home Dealership,
    The last 20 years have brought many changes and advancements in the automotive world. Much smaller engines are producing speeds 50 percent faster. Modern engines burn leaner, run hotter, have a higher compressions and use smaller radiators and oil sumps. The demand for more power and performance out of significantly smaller engines has created a need for an oil that will perform as well as today's cars. Oil drain intervals have increased as much as 300 percent in engines with better fuel economy and fewer emissions than ever before. Amsoil has been on the forefront of lubrication technology for over 30 years, developing and producing products that have changed the industry. As The First in Synthetics®, Amsoil is continually striving to make the best high performance lubricants available.
  • ExxonMobil Follows AMSOIL into Extended Drain Market
    Motor oil technology has gradually progressed since the days of the earliest automobiles. In those days, standard motor oil drain intervals were between 500 and 1000 miles, and motorists had to switch viscosity grades with the changing of the seasons.
  • Oil Color, Lubrication Ability and Contamination Level
    AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants are designed and engineered for extended drain interval service. The color the AMSOIL on your dipstick (or ANY oil for that matter) has absolutely no bearing on whether or not the oil is suitable for continued use or if it should be drained and replaced. Use the recommended change intervals for both the oil and engine oil filters as specified by AMSOIL.
  • Comparative Motor Oil Testing
    AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil (ATM) and 10 competing conventional and synthetic 10W-30 motor oils were subjected to a series of API motor oil tests. The competing oils included petroleum-based Castrol GTX Drive Hard, Mobil Drive Clean, Pennzoil with Purebase, Quaker State Peak Performance and Valvoline, as well as synthetic-based Valvoline Synpower, Quaker State, Castrol Syntec, Pennzoil and Mobil 1 SuperSyn Multi-Vehicle.
  • Typical Technical Properties
    Relevant ASTM test results are reported on AMSOIL product data bulletins as "TYPICAL TECHNICAL PROPERTIES." Here is a guide to typical technical properties for AMSOIL motor oils courtesy of AMSOIL INC.
  • Automobile Warranty Laws You Need to Know
  • Which 30 Weight Oil Do I Use? 0W-30, 5W-30 or 10W-30?
    AMSOIL 0W-30, 5W-30 and 10W-30 synthetic motor oils are ALL 30 weight oils. The answer is that ANY one can be used regardless if your vehicle owners manual says to use, for example, a 5W-30. "W" means winter. In winter weather the 0W oil will flow like a 0W oil, and the 5W will flow like a 5W oil and a 10W will flow like a 10W oil just until the engine warms up. In order to understand the differences one has to first understand that the numerical values given to these various weight oils are strictly empirical numbers. For example, 0W does not mean that the oil has no weight. That is one of the reasons why we say it is strictly an empirical number.

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