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Use Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil for your next Oil Change

AMSOIL (one year) Synthetic Motor Oils for Gasoline Engines

Amsoil 0W-30 Signature Series™ Motor Oil AZO

Amsoil Signature Series™ 5W-30 Motor Oil

Amsoil Signature Series™ 10W-30 Motor Oil

Amsoil 10W-40 High Performance Motor Oil

Amsoil 0W-20 Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil ASM


AMSOIL (one year) Synthetic Motor Oils for Diesel Engines

Series 3000 Synthetic 5w-30 diesel oil

Amsoil Synthetic Diesel and Marine Oil 15W-40 AME

Amsoil 10W-30/SAE30 Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil

Changing your oil with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil saves you time and money:

EXAMPLE: (This example is based on one year of oil changes)

Jiffy Lube charges $25.00 for an oil change, the average person gets four oil changes per year which equates to a total price of $100.00.


I am going to use my 2001 Toyota 4runner which requires 5.5 quarts of oil as an example. The Amsoil prices are as listed below:

  • Using the standard 5W-30 oil that lube shops use I would need to purchase six quarts from Amsoil. The retail price is $7.25X6 quarts of oil which equals: $43.50.

  • The oil filter for my vehicle is the EAO57 which retails for $15.30.

  • Let's say for example you take your car to Jiffy Lube to do the oil change and even though you are using your own oil they will still charge $25.00 for the change.

  • Adding the three prices above the oil change will cost you a total of $83.80 plus local sales tax.

As you can clearly see you still save $16.20 plus all the time it takes to take your car in to have it serviced. That's three trips a year.


The overall benefits of getting an oil change with Amsoil are listed below:

  1. Using AMSOIL is cheaper than a conventional oil change

  2. Using AMSOIL saves you three trips a year to an oil change place

  3. AMSOIL is the first and best rated (in independent testing) 100% synthetic motor oil

  4. AMSOIL customers consistently report an increase of 2-5% in fuel mileage do to less internal resistance

  5. Your car will have less deposits and internal sludge do to the fact that synthetic oils are much superior to conventional oils

  6. People using AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils typically get 250,000+ miles of life from their engines before any kind of repair work is required

  7. Plus AMSOIL helps the environment by putting one quarter the amount of wasted oil back into the environment of conventional oils

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Remember all orders are drop shipped right to your door unless you live in one of the following cities with an AMSOIL Warehouse. Check here for locations.


You may also contact me by phone: 702-376-1298


If you become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer ($20 per year renewal fee applies) the total above would have come out to: $11.85 for the filter and $34.20 for the six quarts of oil plus the cost of the oil change ($25.00) which equals: $71.05. If you have more than one vehicle you can clearly see being a Preferred Customer will save you money. All you have to do is let the operator know at time of ordering or if you order through AMSOIL'S online store put in product code: PREN1.


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